I am a full-time professional in the true sense of the word. This is what I do and have always done since leaving school. It is not a part-time job or a sideline for me and never has been. When I started, a good DJ would take many hours to seek out his music in record shops all over the area and then catalogue them to be able to find them quickly. Fortunately, computers have made this far easier but I still spend a lot of time maintaining my equipment, keeping it in a tidy and reliable condition.

I like to dress smartly and appropriately wearing a smart shirt and trousers, a suit or dinner suit as required for an event.

I am not an agency, so when you book me you are dealing with the person who will actually be doing your disco for you. When I take on a booking I will send out a confirmation letter to confirm all of the details as discussed. I will usually take a deposit with the balance to be paid on the date of the event. I will contact you during the week before your event to discuss finer points such as music for the first dance and any other requirements you may have but I will always be available should you have any questions in the meantime.

With the advent of illegal mp3 downloads and cheap Chinese equipment it has become easy to become a DJ. This has lead to an influx of very poor inexperienced DJ’s taking on bookings for a bit of extra cash. We have all been to Weddings and parties where the DJ has ruined the night by misjudging his audience and playing inappropriate music using distorted equipment or being far too loud. Guests usually make their excuses and leave as soon as possible. This is a terrible shame considering how much a Wedding costs in total.

A DJ is in charge of a large proportion of your whole day and it is a mistake to choose your evening entertainment based purely on price. A Professional DJ with a good quality sound system and lighting only costs a few pounds more and is worth the extra to guarantee a high standard for you and your guests.