Having worked in such a wide range of venues I have built up a wealth of musical knowledge and an ability to adapt my style as required. During a typical 4 to 6 hour performance a DJ will only have time to play about 60 to 80 songs so it is important to play the right ones. A good DJ learns to read his audience and play the appropriate songs incorporating some requests along the way. I have been called upon to do specialist music nights and as I am a real music enthusiast with a massive and varied collection I enjoy the challenge.

Unlike most other DJ’s, the music which I use is from my own CD collection, not illegally copied from the internet or other sources. I therefore have full control over its quality. It is played from a bespoke computer and sound card for crystal clear sound.

I am delighted when the Bride and Groom have a list of songs which they would like to be played at their wedding. It gives me a sound foundation to work with. Given a little notice I will try to have every song on the list with me but also incorporate requests for the guests on the night. Be aware though that it is only possible to play 15 to 18 songs in an hour so restrict the list accordingly.


I have always used top brand equipment such as Bose, JBL, Denon, Abstract, Sennheiser, Allen & Heath, NJD and QSC. I have found that high quality equipment will not let me down. Bose is regarded as one of the finest manufacturers of loudspeakers in the world.

I have recently purchased some of the latest L.E.D. lighting which produces spectacular effects without huge power consumption or heat which is important particularly when working in marquees. I have lasers and computer controlled LED moving heads. Lighting is fixed on an overhead truss with a starcloth drape or on a T-Bar depending on how much room is available. This keeps all of the associated wiring very tidy and safe.

LED Wall Uplighting

As an extra service I can also provide the latest LED uplighting to flood any required colour up the walls of your event. This is a great, cost effective way to totally transform a room from the moment when you walk in. I will install several discrete LED uplights on the floor shining any colour of your choice up the wall creating a stunning effect. I will ensure that all wiring is safe, discrete and tidy

All equipment is P.A.T. tested for safety every year and I have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) which is required by most top hotels. I also believe it is vitally important to carry back-up equipment because although breakdowns are unlikely, accidents with drinks can happen and bring a night to a disastrous end.